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Looking for Btrieve?
Then you've come to the right place!  Btrieve is now known as Pervasive PSQL
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Looking for Btrieve?

The product known as Btrieve is no longer available, but the technology lives on in Pervasive PSQL.
Pervasive PSQL is backward-compatible with existing Btrieve-based applications, which can run using the new enhanced engine with no modification.
Why rename the product?

Pervasive PSQL is much, much more that a rename of the previous product.  Pervasive PSQL includes many enhancements to the MicroKernel Database Engine (MKDE).  The MKDE is still the core of the product, as it was in past versions and will continue to be in the future.
Existing Btrieve-based applications will take advantage of these changes without modification, and reap the benefits of enhanced speed and durability.
However, the most significant change between Btrieve and Pervasive PSQL is that the new product also includes a relational interface to the MKDE.  This means that true SQL and ODBC connectivity is included right out of the box, and is no longer a bolt-on product (previously known as Scalable SQL).  The fully-featured ODBC drivers included with Pervasive PSQL can be used by developers and end-users to query existing data from Btrieve-based applications using the most popular query and reporting tools available today - and tomorrow.  Developers can also use the ODBC interface when developing new modules for their existing application; giving them "The Best of Both Worlds"!

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