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A Brief History

Southdown House Software Limited was founded in 1993 by Jon Grieve and Vivienne Gurney - both long-term users of Btrieve (since 1984).  At this point, the main focus of the company was to produce vertical market accounting software for the Lloyd's of London insurance market.
In 1994 Southdown House Software introduced their extensive knowledge of Btrieve Technologies products into the U.K. marketplace.  After a successful advertising and marketing campaign, offering our highly skilled consultancy, support and training services, we became distributors for Smithware and Btrieve Technologies (now Pervasive Software Inc.) in 1995.
Since that time, Southdown House Software has consistently grown the U.K. market for Btrieve and Pervasive.SQL and commands a high percentage of the U.K. sales of these products.

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