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Quality of Service

At Southdown House Software, we're committed to the very highest level of service to our customers.
Because we are not purely a distributor (or 'box-shifter'), but also software developers, we understand the needs of the development community.  We also deploy Pervasive.SQL-based systems into many different environments, and this gives us a full understanding of the runtime and end-user requirements.
This 'real world' understanding of the products enables us to offer unrivalled pre and post-sales technical support for the products we sell.  Due to our long involvement with the products - and because we take an active role in the Beta phase of new Pervasive products and releases - we're able to offer knowledgeable information on past, present and even future versions!
It is this commitment and understanding of the products that has made Southdown House Software the U.K's #1 distributor for Pervasive Software.

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